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To obtain your CME certificate:

 Baylor Scott & White Health utilizes EthosCE for certificate generation.

  • After we have received your evaluations, you will receive an email (webinars) or letter (in-person programs) from us with a direct link to EthosCE.
    • The CME letter will contain detailed instructions for EthosCE as well as the number of pharmacology credits earned for those requiring that information.
    • You will then be able to create an account, claim your credits, and print your certificate in EthosCE.
    • In the CME letter you receive there will be contact information for Baylor Scott & White Health should you need any assistance with this process.
  • You must claim your credits in EthosCE within 60 days of the program end date you attended.

For additional help with the EthosCE process, please see these instructional videos:

Full EthosCE Process:

How to download past certificates:

Still having difficulty obtaining your certificate?

Please contact Baylor Scott & White Health: 

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