Frequent Attendee Points (FAP) Program

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2022-05-10 22:39

Northwest Anesthesia Seminars values your patronage and has a simple program to reward you. Our Frequent Attendee Points (FAP) program gives you an added bonus for your tuition dollars spent on our seminars and the money you spend on hotels* and cruises booked through our in-house travel agency, Northwest-Worldwide Travel.

Here is how it works: Frequent Attendee Points for seminar tuition are calculated at ten percent (10%) of the cost of the seminar. As an example, if your tuition is $800, you would earn 80 Frequent Attendee Points. As an added bonus, you also receive 1.5% of the cost of your net room rate for the hotel* or cruise booked through Northwest-Worldwide Travel. For example, if you spend 5 nights at a hotel for $185 per night, would earn you 13.88 Frequent Attendee Points.

*Effective January 1, 2023, net hotel stays for 2023 and beyond will no longer be included in FAP calculations.

FAP can only be applied to a full-tuition cost; no partial tuition can be credited. There is no dollar value to FAP points for anything other than Northwest Anesthesia Seminars course tuition. FAP points cannot be transferred or gifted to another person.

Another great program by Northwest Anesthesia Seminars to thank you for your support!

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