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In addition to our in-person meetings, we are also offering live webinars over select dates. For more information, visit  Additional live webinars will be added, so please check back frequently.


In the event we must cancel a meeting due to the pandemic, all registered attendees will be contacted via email and phone and a notice will be posted on our website.


If you are enrolled in a course that has been cancelled, you should receive a phone call and email with additional details (please check your spam).


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From a satisfied client:

The organization of the seminar was exceptionally good! I anticipate being a better clinician as a result of expanding my knowledge base substantially.


Topics in Emergency Medicine
Duck Key, Florida
Anesthesia is my main focus, but learning emergency medicine was very valuable knowledge.


Topics in Emergency Medicine
Duck Key, Florida
Excellent conference! All topics pertain to my practice or my family. Please schedule the same speakers and topics in the future so I can recommend it to my friends!


Topics in Emergency Medicine
Duck Key, Florida
Wonderful conference. All three speakers were EXCELLENT! Very helpful!


Topics in Emergency Medicine
Duck Key, Florida
Very, very good meeting. Lots of take home info that will change my practice and give me info to think about and remember. This was one of the best conferences I have been to. All speakers were excellent.


Emergency Medicine Update: Emphasis on Pediatrics:
Key West, Florida
I have learned a lot from this conference and hope to apply them as soon as I return back.


Emergency Medicine Update
Maui, Hawaii
An excellent up to date and clinically relevant seminar. The speakers were [trustworthy], entertaining, and demonstrated their expertise consistently. I received numerous pearls which I believe will make a big difference to my clinical practice of pediatric emergency medicine.


Emergency Medicine Update: Emphasis on Pediatrics:
Palm Beach, Aruba
I really enjoy this program. 2nd time here. The food is great. As an RN, I don't write orders. However, the information provided here helps me work with my providers and allows me to understand the critical thinking that goes into decision making for the provider.


Emergency Medicine Update
San Antonio Texas
All three lecturers were obviously prepared, interested in the topics in which they were presenting, and offered current research and recommendations from the literature and expertise. I found this conference enjoyable and beneficial. Thank you.


Current Topics in Emergency Medicine
Telluride, Colorado
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