About Us

Northwest Seminars is a division of Northwest Anesthesia Seminars that specializes in Emergency Medical Education. Northwest Anesthesia Seminars has been the leader in continuing medical education and travel for over 40 years and with this experience comes strength, reliability, and a commitment to offering better services to our clients.


There are many great reasons to attend a Northwest Seminar and we hope to see you soon.


FIRST RATE FACULTY: Our faculty consists primarily of clinically practicing physicians who face the same daily challenges as you do in providing the best possible care for your patients. Their lectures are designed to provide practical up-to-the-minute information that can be immediately incorporated into your individual practice. You will find our speakers easy to understand and authorities on the topics they present. All have been selected for their expertise and desire to share their knowledge and experiences with you.


NEW AND INNOVATIVE COURSES: Northwest Seminars prides itself on being the first to offer new and innovative continuing education programs. Be assured that we will always provide program content that highlights the latest drug or technique that impacts your practice.


CAREER ENRICHMENT: Opportunities to exchange ideas and new approaches with your colleagues and learn of critical new developments in your field.


EXCITING LOCATIONS: Knowing that most medical providers time is limited, we select locations that give you the opportunity to enjoy yourself while receiving the best continuing education. We also plan our lecture schedules to allow plenty of time to enjoy the location.


ACCOMMODATIONS: We select accommodations to provide the best value for your money and that is best suited for the needs of the program and you, the attendee. We invest a great deal of time in negotiating the best rate possible for you.


FOLLOW UP SERVICE: Northwest Seminars has been providing seminars since 1976 and we anticipate being available to serve your needs for many years to come. This is a valuable consideration when you discover three or four years later, you need documentation of your continuing education activities for an IRS audit, a new job application, a challenge of your Certification standings, information about a lecture you heard or address of a faculty member whom you need to contact for additional details or assistance. We are always available to help our alumni.


YOU HELP DESIGN THE PROGRAMS: Our staff carefully reviews and analyzes the critiques you fill out at each seminar. Your suggestions for new topics, speakers and locations help us design future programs. Your constructive criticism has helped us improve our seminars to better fulfill your continuing education needs.


FAP: "FAP" (Frequent Attendee Points). FAP lets you accumulate points based on dollars spent with Northwest Seminars, including cruise and hotel (but not air). These points can then be redeemed for tuition. A great program to reward you for supporting us!


LIBERAL CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: We are cognizant of the fact that schedule changes might require you to cancel. See individual program brochures for policy.


PERSONALIZED ATTENTION: We want you as a friend, not just another registrant. Our goal is to get to know each attendee and have the opportunity to visit with you sometime during the program.


PROFESSIONAL MANAGEMENT: Northwest Anesthesia Seminars has presented over 4,000 educational programs. Our staff are continually reviewing new techniques in meeting management and organization in order to bring you better seminars.


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